The Mercer Island Home Remodel interior had some challenges to deal with. The original framers had framed a fire place surround that encompassed two stories. With the short sale we had no idea of what to do with it or how to complete it. Our team of designers and field staff come up with concrete. That would give the house a nice contemporary look and would be a clean look. The home owners suggested that we do a granite inlay in the center to tie it into the kitchen, which also used the same granite on the countertops. The problem was not in the concrete as this was light weight but with the granite. The granite slab was going to be in the neighbor hood of 600 pounds, and then to compound the problem the architect suggested that we do a knife edge and return the granite to the wall. This would make the granite to be more massive than it really was. The granite fabricator set dowels into our reinforced framing. He then did a template and transferred that pattern on to the granite. Then with six guys we lifted it into place. I think the photos will show how well it integrates into the space and ties into the seated area well.

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